Christie Lake Kids

Their mission is to enrich the lives and prospects of economically disadvantaged children by providing quality year-round community and camp programs to develop physical, social and character skills.

The Opportunity

To reduce dependency on grants and donations, and to be able to invest more in mission based programs, Christie Lake kids provides off-season camp rentals for corporations, schools and individuals for social events like weddings and reunions.   Despite their beautiful location, there was significant unused rental capacity. To maximize this social entreprise arm, Christie Lake Kids needed to resolve who to target and how best to reach them

The Process

The process for Christie Lake Kids was based on several core pillars, including brainstorming to capture all ideas, , validation of ideas vs. the organization’s mission and ability to operationalize, and customer centricity for all products, messages and mediums.


A clear understanding of which customer segments we will target, as well as operational/product/service upgrades required.  

New tools will be used this fall to support the retention of current customers and attracting new prospects.