Our partners offer coaching, capacity building and resources for:

Business Modelling & Business Case Development

A great starting point for social enterprises. Our partners help you build the sustainable business case for your social enterprise idea. This includes figuring out exactly what your key activities will be, the key customers, partners and resources you will need, as well as your cost structure. It all happens here!

Marketing & Communications

Our partners provide all necessary marketing and communications support to bring your social enterprise to market: branding, websites, graphic design, social media, digital marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, you name it!

Operations & Sales

Having a proper plan to operationalize your social enterprise is the key to lasting success. Our partners provide entrepreneurial operating system and sales training.

Social Financing (Loans)

Accessing the proper funding is key for any social enterprise. Social finance provides a stimulus for positive social change and financial return. Our partners can help you access funds to help get your idea off the ground.

Professional Services: Legal, Accounting & Technical Support

Every organization needs the proper professional support. Our partners are here to help you with the administrative heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your social enterprise. Leveraging your existing relationships, while engaging existing SEP partners, will be important.

Organizational Development

Bringing in an entrepreneurial mindset and venture into a not-for-profit environment can be challenging to say the least. Our partners can help you manage the change management landscape to help get your entire organization on board.


Governance is formally defined as “systems and processes that ensure the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organization” (Cornforth, 2003). Our partners can help you set up a proper governance structure to ensure your long term success.

Potential Funding Sources

As you identify the necessary resources to support your social enterprise, you may wish to consider the following funding options:

Ottawa Community Foundation’s Community Grants Program

Alterna Savings – Micro-Finance Program

Investment Readiness Program